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tv   8 News Now at 430 AM  CBS  January 28, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PST

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((patranya bhoolsuwan)) > thanks for joining us, i'm patranya bhoolsuwan in for kirsten. ((brian loftus)) and i'm brian loftus. right now, police are investigating after one person was found dead... near eastern and tropicana. ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) that's where we find michael stevens with the latest, michael? brian, patranya... metro police say one person is dead... and another person has been taken to the hospital after an early morning shooting. metro police say they were called to this area of tropicana and eastern just before one a-m. they say it was just before that time two men walked up to two other men standing at a nearby bus stop. police say there was some sort of argument and at least 6 rounds were fired. one person was shot multiple times and died... another person was taken to umc and is in surgery. police say right now they don't have a good description of the suspects and turning to the
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we only have two witnesses. it is a fairly busy area so if there are people that are witness or did hear it or have any information we'd like to talk to them. )) ((michael stevens)) police believe the suspects may still be in the area. gang officers are also here trying to identify the potential suspects. ((michael stevens)) right now police have eastern blocked off between tropicana and reno. they expect to be out here for the next several hours. /// let's get to sherry with a look at today's weather. today's weather. sherry swensk mostly clear skies this morning
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upper 30s around southern nevada this morning. ............. we finished the day in the low 60s for some areas yesterday but a nice warm up is coming. <
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((brian loftus)) > cameras can be found in many daycares and preschools... and now one attorney also wants to see them inside special education classrooms. this comes after the recent arrest of a special education teacher... who's accused of being intimate with her student. as sharie johnson reports... some say cameras are needed for the most vulnerable students. police arrested 25-year-old jullian lafave january 15th. she confessed to kissing her 17-year-old special needs student several times... in her classroom. the arrest report says there we're 13,000 texts between the two... that we're quote "sexual in nature". and special education attorney marianne lanuti says the solution to preventing this type
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is cameras... in special ed classrooms. ((marianne lanuti, attorney specializes in special ed law teachers need this to protect themselves to bus drivers need to protect themselves everyone the innocement will be rpotected there is no excuse )) ((sharie johnson)) lanuti has pushed for this 10 years now. she says texas recently passed legislation for classroom cameras. ((marianne lanuti, attorney specializes in special ed law according to texas, the cameras cost $150.00, there is no reasonable explanation to fight this )) ((nicholas umlenov i think with cameras in their school, in the classroom, they can be watched for safety for everybody )) ((rebecca bernard it's not violating anybody's privacy )) ((sharie johnson)) parents agree something has to be done for students who often can't speak for themselves. as for lanuti... she's trying to form a coalition with parents and concerned citizens then take her research all the way to carson city. sharie johnson, 8newsnow./// ((brian loftus)) lafave had only been teaching at valley high school since august 2015. she was the teens special education and english teacher.
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((patranya bhoolsuwan)) > police need your help identifying a man... who's accused of stalking a woman in the showers of her local gym.... while he was naked. north las vegas police released this video of the suspect. they say it happened inside the 24-hour fitness midday... near craig and clayton last month. the man exposed himself and committed lewd acts in front of a woman in the sauna area... before following and watching her shower. we spoke to a counselor who explained the trauma this would cause to the victim: (( ron lawrence/communi ty counseling center of southern nevada: "it's basically a form of sexual assault that occurs in an environment because it's something that's totally unexpected shocking and may serve as a trigger of fears that individual may have." )) ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) the suspect is described as possibly a hispanic or african- american man... about 45 years old and six feet tall. police believe he used someone else's membership card to access the gym... that's why it's been difficult to identify him. 24-hour fitness has not commented on the incident.
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call crime stoppers. /// ((brian loftus)) ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) the guards in
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escaped california criminals... had no idea they had escaped. ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) how long it took them to figure out they were missing... and hear the sheriffs concern this morning. ((brian loftus)) > plus -- the animal foundation is starting up a new program to give cats and dogs... a second chance. ///
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emergencies and home fires can
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especially for children. and first responders often take on the task of reassuring them...that everything will be o-k. today there's a chance for you to help in this effort. officials will be collectin teddy bear and other stuffed animals first responders used to help children in these situations. the program is called comfort critters and it's been around since 2001...and donations will be accepted at dillards in downtwon summerlin today. look for a fire engine in front of the store at 11 o-clock this morning.// ((brian loftus)) > the animal foundation has a new initiative... to save more of the valley's animal population. it's being dubbed "mission possible 20-20". one of the big pushes is an expanded "cat trap-spray-and neuter return" program. in the past six months... that's already saved more than 740 cats. they're also putting money to jumpstart a surrender intervention program... to keep more animals with their owners. in addition to these programs... you'll still see other specials: (( last year we did more than 10 thoussand adoptions we want to
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continue to offer promotions and discounts for public spay/neuter, vaccine clinic and a host of other programs )) ((brian loftus)) the foundation is also working to increase their live release rate. right now it's at about 65- percent. back in 2012, only about 40- percent of the animals left the shelter alive. /// ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) > a 99-year-old woman got quite the scare in florida... when an exotic animal woke her up in the middle of the night. the woman's family took the animal to south dade animal hospital. they learned what they were dealing with was a kinka-jou. they don't know how it got in the house: (( dr. don harris / south dade animal hospital, "not expecting anything, she opens her eyes and sees an animal laying there. i guess she thought maybe it was a cat, but once they got a look at each other, classic, both of them screamed, both of them ran." )) ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) a kinka-jou is native animal to
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while it's in the raccoon family... it looks a lot more like a monkey. officials say it was being kept as a pet and somehow escaped. the owner is planning to pick it up. /// ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) > a popular steel car is making its way to the future... and possibly on our roads. ((brian loftus)) when you'll soon be able to actually own a your own delorean.
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((patranya bhoolsuwan)) > marty mcfly's famous ride is making a comeback. plans are underway to start building and selling deloreans next year... for the first time in more than 30- years. the stainless steel car remains relevant thanks to the "back to the future" movies. but this vehicle won't come cheap. refurbished models will cost
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and new ones about a hundred grand... depending on the engine. the first new deloreans are expected in early 2017. /// let's get to sherry with a look
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sherry swensk nice shot looking across the city from our rio camera. temps are cooling off fairly quickly and a little below normal. ..... mostly low 40s across the valley with some upper 30s and calm winds. .................. plenty of high clouds across southern california yesterday but most of those fell apart before making their way into southern nevada. .....................
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will head north as high pressure protects us for the next few days and we get a nice warm up as we finish the week. .... winter storm watches posted for the sierra into the weekend as the weather will chance for us by sunday. temps warm to the 60s before crashing into the low 50s and breezy winds next week. chance of rain on sunday. <
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((brian loftus)) > there's an 11-year-old basketball player in virginia... gaining lots of national attention for his moves. ((demetria obilor)) he can copy tricky plays by n-b-a players in just minutes! and his home videos are going viral. weija jang introduces us to noah. when noah cutler isn't playing basketball... "just a crazy ball handler." the 11 year old is watching it...and looking up his favorite n-b-a players online. "one day i could be there if i
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saw steph curry of the golden state warriors do this... he had to try it. (joshua cutler/noah's dad) "next thing we know he's watching videos on youtube and he's dribbling out in the front yard and if it's raining we have to pull him in out of the rain." (noah cutler 11 years old) "i messed up a lot but at the end i got it wj" and then how did you feel? i was happy that i got it.." noah's dad posted a video on instagram showing him mimicking the tricky move--and several others. they quickly went viral. (joshua cutler noah's dad) "there was no transition just boom boom and you look back and you're like wow are we here." noah's clips became so popular...the warriors invited him to california to meet his role model. "i didn't even think it was real life, i thought i was dreaming" noah says the attention is nice...but playing basketball with his friends makes him happiest. he's small for his age--the smallest kid on his team - on the court, though. he feels like a giant.
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"it would be crazy to play on that floor one day. that would be my dream." he's already playing with the pros... on the way to becoming one. wj--cbs news--leesburg virginia. ((brian loftus)) ((demetria obilor))
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< > > that's a look at the roads... back to you./// ((brian loftus)) > niagara falls could soon be drying up... ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) why officials in new york want to temporarily halt the waterfall. that story and more, coming up
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learning new details about the three criminals who escaped... from a southern california jail. ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) apparently the guards didn't even notice they were gone for nearly 16- hours. mireya villarreal has the latest. (lt. jeff hallock / orange county sheriffs pio) you can be assured investigators are continuing to work tirelessly around the clock. as law enforcement work day and night to locate the three escaped inmates... authorities wonder how mandatory day and night checks at the orange county men's central jail failed to reveal they were missing. (lt. jeff hallock / orange county sheriffs pio) (:19- :26) the sheriff is extremely troubled by the length of time it took to determine that the three inmates, housed in a maximum security jail, were unaccounted for. (gfx in) officials now know the inmates escaped just after a 5 am head-count... but despite additional checks that were supposed to happen again at 11am, 4pm, and 8pm. the three men weren't reported
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after they rappeled to freedom from the jailhouse roof. (lt. jeff hallock / orange county sheriffs pio) the preliminary investigation into the escape and how it occurred has caused the sheriff concerns. as did some of the jail inmate count practices and how they were conducted. jonathan tieu... bac duong... and hossein nayeri are still on the run... and considered armed and dangerous. the reward for information leading to their capture has been upped from 50- thousand to 200- thousand dollars. (lt. jeff hallock / orange county sheriffs pio) we need people to come forward and provide information that we know they have. mireya villarreal, cbs news, los angeles
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((michael stevens is live with a deadly shooting investigation)) ((kirsten joyce)) > three more people arrested... as the f-b-i works to break up the militiamen...who took over federal land in oregon. how cliven bundy feels about the latest arrests... and the death of one of the protestors. ((brian loftus)) > the mayor of north las vegas... giving his state of the city speech today. why he says 2015 was so great for the area... and why he's even more excited for the future./// < welcome to a brighter morning,
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